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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Sewing Adventures

So, my mom is a hidden wonder of the world...isn't yours?  I mean, who needs The Pyramids...great to look at & fascinating - but what do they do for me?  And, in case you haven't heard - it's all about me (okay, so it was yesterday)!

Moms, however make the world go round.  Need a costume {all the pieces are in her purse, just like that movie One Fine Day}, need a $5 pair of capri's...well she doesn't know, but she grabs 'em for you because they're only $5 (my mom has done this a GAZILLION times for me), need pajamas for Polar Express PJ Day the next day {my mom whips them up}, every staff member wants a Cat in the Hat hat...well by George I think I know someone who'll do that!!!  The list is endless, my mom comes through EVERY TIME!

My MOM IS THE BEST-est!!  She rarely tells me no.  AND, she only occasionally sighs loudly when I need something, the next day.  She has been known to make/applique shirts for me & then make more because other teammates or staff want 'em too!  She never says NO to my crazy ideas, she just sometimes needs encouragement from me to "go rogue" and not have a pattern, LOL!

Here's how we spent our Saturday {it was ALL about me - my favorite kind of days, HA!}:

My mom made this Priority #1 when I called crying on Wed. - I had a rough day and to top it off, my new Nano disappeared again!!  I was a wreck, but it was found {in the lost & found}.  My mom listened to me & then promptly stated: "We're making you that apron, using your left over denim (from the crate seats).  What time can you be here Saturday?"  We all know that skirts & dress pants don't always have pockets & EVEN though my last Nano was stolen, I was still setting my iPod down on my table {only when I didn't have a pocket for it}.  Well those days are gone!  

Just so you don't think I was sitting around, I did cut out & iron on the mom's idea!  

The rick-rack was left over from my gingerbread apron & it was my was making 3 apples, in different colors.

A few years ago, I bought this Brighton lanyard & apple charm.  I LOVE IT!  I stopped wearing it because the sterling silver tarnished & was turning my neck green.  Well, my mom had a fix for this too & now I'll have less in my pockets (keys & badge can now hang from the lanyard again)!

It's gonna be a great week with my new accessories!

Miss Kristan King

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