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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

OVERWHELMED {in a good way}!

So you've seen those reunion shows...Dad returns from Iraq to welcome the family/child at school, right?!?!


I mean, it is so amazing to see people that surprised.  It's never happened to me, I mean where there are no words...just emotions.

Well it happened today.  Around 8:30 we were getting out "Smarties" snacks ready to deliver to our 5th grade buddies, TCAP has started & we deliver fun things to our buddy class each day.  Yesterday we flash mobbed them (that will come in a post tomorrow, when I figure out how to e-mail it to myself!!).

I was taking lunch counts & attendance, when a mom walks in carrying this:

She simply said, "This is for you."

I opened it and looked at her, then was like, "REALLY!?!?  You're kidding, right?"  Then I started tearing up & shaking.

Then she gave me a stack of these & I started to cry...

 In case you missed it my Kinder families went in TOGETHER to replace my missing Nano:

It's NEW & it has 16GB {my old one was used & only 8GB}.
OVERWHELMED doesn't begin to describe this!!  I was like so at a loss for words.  I hugged the mom (who coordinated the whole thing) and had tears in my eyes.  I still can't believe it.

She told me the "secret book box" is for storage, so it doesn't go disappearing again!

I sent thank you notes to the families - it still feels so little in comparison!  I mean, a BRAND NEW NANO!

I love my Kinders & my heart is about to explode it's so FULL,

Miss Kristan King

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