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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Fun with Journals

I am in LOVE with math journals - thanks to a Deedee Wills & Interactive Notebooks.  We've been doing patterning & my littles have really caught on:

Well to mix up my reading & math journals I purchased 2 interactive notebooks & here's a bit of what we added to our math journal {we also did the rhyming one, for ELA & it is great too}:

This boy's explanation of his thinking was AWESOME - "Miss King, I used triangles for 3, because they (you know) have 3 sides!  Then I used the diamonds for 4 & I counted - the red ones, I don't know their name...well, they have 5 sides so I used them for 5.  You know Miss King, the hexagon should go with six.  But you told us to use it for one, so I just used it there - I really wished there were more so I could have used it for 6 too!
Such great math thinking!

This year we received a grant for a social skills group called Dinosaur School.  Psychologists come in every Tu./Th. and give a 30 min. lesson on feelings, controlling anger, & problem solving.  So far the kids LOVE it {it could be the super cool puppets that Heather & Sarah bring in too!}:

One of my kids actually had a conversation with "Dina" the dinosaur - it was pretty funny to see him interact with the hand puppet, not really understanding that Miss Heather was doing the talking!!
Happy Thursday!

Miss Kristan King

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