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Monday, August 18, 2014

Monday - Who Am I?


I am single, but apart of a WONDERFUL family!  We celebrate life together & I just love all of 'em.  My extended family has an annual 4th of July reunion (my mom is the oldest of 6) & it gets ROWDY - we're loud and proud of it!


Well, I need to get better about taking pics of work friends & teammates - I just realized.  I love mine, here's a pic of some of our staff at Painting with A Twist (it was a really FUN Christmas party...with wine & art).

I also spend quite a bit of time out & about with pals - some former teammates or colleagues & others are mostly from college or church.  Here is a group of us celebrating my bestie's move to WA (waaah - I miss her)!

Things I Love

Vacations, with or without my family...this is my favorite ride at Disney World (a place I LOVE):

Musicals & pedicures:

Got my green tipped french manicure for WICKED!
Concerts with upgrades:

Free floor tickets - moved from nose bleeds in 322 to FLOOR seats, Row 11!
M&Ms, office supplies (Flair pens, post its, Mr. Sketch, file folders, ...the list is endless), iPod - playlists of my favs, a good movie - popcorn with this cutie (my niece, Addison, - who just started Kinder):

Cooling off with family - accepted that the ocean isn't my favorite, I'm a LAKE person:

Building gingerbread houses with these guys:

& doing hobbies with my mom like:

There you have it...well, kinda!  Link on up with Blog Hoppin' Teacher Week - it's fun.

Miss Kristan King

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