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Thursday, August 21, 2014

When - Daily Schedule

I hope to post pics of my classroom soon....I just am so busy & school's started...and there always seems to be a mess - I want it to be neat & picked up!  Until then, I'll participate in the:

So here is my Daily Schedule & explanation:

Daily Schedule 2014.pdf

So we have 3 recesses daily - I know, it's GREAT for breaking up our day!  Every teacher/grade (K-5) gets 50 min. daily enrichment/special - for Kinder we take 2 25 min. enrichments 1 in am & 1 in pm. No it's not an "ideal" prep. time, but it is great for the kids!

Every morning the kiddos meet at the front playground 8:05-8:15am - we have 2 teachers assigned "am duty" for helping kiddos in the gate & supervising equipment.

8:15 we line up & walk through Pre-K to our various rooms.   Hand shakes & Welcome or Good Morning at the door.

8:30 we have school-wide announcements & pledge.

Then from there it's pretty much our "Morning Routine" we start each day with Dr. Jean's Rise & Shine and "Good Things" - a Capturing Kids' Hearts routine for building classroom community.  I learned from my colleague to play a 2-4 min. song in the background, so we don't spend too long waiting for EVERYONE to share (if they get a turn GREAT, if not we teach "Maybe next time!").

The students move to unpack & unstack - getting ready for the day of learning ahead.  While they practice writing their name, numbers, letters, (morning work) etc.  I am getting paperwork from backpacks, notes, taking lunch count, & attendance.

At 8:40 I start Calendar.  We do lots of Dr. Jean songs Seasons, Weather, Macarena Months, Days of the Week, & a Ron Brown Counting 1-20 one.

Up next is Saxon Phonics - I like to start off with a moving alphabet song (I frequently use Dr. Jean or Heidi Songs).  Then we move into some Phonemic Awareness.  After we've moved a bit, we sit down to complete our handwriting & phonics portion.

At 9:30 it's off to #1 enrichment.  My students rotate through P.E., Music, Art, iPads, & 21st Century Skills.

Then at 9:55 we get our snacks & head to the playground for 1st recess.

Around 10:20 (especially since the mornings have been so nice, more like 10:30) we do our literacy block - that looks like a "mini reader's workshop lesson," a book focus, & small group instruction/centers.

*I pull 1/2 my class daily in small groups, so I read with every student 2 times a week.*  At this point in the year, many of our activities aren't independent - we'll get there.  So for now we do lots of whole group activities & then independent seat work that is similar or practice of the activity we completed together.

11:20 -12:00 we eat lunch.

12:00-12:15 we get our kiddos from the lunchroom & take a bathroom break.

12:15-1:00 we have a read aloud, theme time, & start our writing time.

1:00-1:15 is #2 recess & snack.

Then, we finish up writing from 1:20-1:45.

Our 2nd enrichment is from 1:45-2:10.

And from 2:10-3:15 we do math.  No, this isn't an ideal time for math, but we have a math coach who co-teaches with the lowest kiddos & she does this with the entire school - Kinder got this slot, we're attempting to make it work (so far it ain't pretty - but I hope we'll get there)!

3:15-3:25 we're packing up for the day, stacking chairs, & filling out behavior calendars.  We always end the day with Dr. Jean's We Had a Good Day song - as our "Launch."

3:25 Kinders are dismissed 5 mins. early & usually all children are picked up by 3:35 - 3:40pm.

We don't have a TON of large blocks (which I missed, coming down from 1st), but the schedule is great for breaking instruction into digestible bites for our Kinders!

Have a great Friday,

Miss Kristan King

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