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Monday, June 23, 2014

Mentos & Diet Coke FiZZy Science

So, I did an ABC Countdown to Summer {which is editable, btw} & my kids BEGGED for the daily letter focus & writing!  They were great reminderers, "Uh, Miss King isn't today U.  We didn't read under the tables yet."  Or "What is our letter today - is it inside or outside?"

All items - bubbles, watermelons, Diet Coke liter, etc. were requested through a site called Sign-Up Genius.  Parents were emailed the list of items needed & then signed up (electronically).  That way I could manage who was bringing what & parents could select what they wanted to donate.  It is THE EASIEST way to schedule both parent/teacher conferences & parent donations {for events & parties}, see my previous post about it (HERE).

The Kinders ABSOLUTELY loved B Bubble day, W Watermelon day, & T Teddy Bear Tea the most!!  It truly was engaging & I was able to modify all activities to meet our District's Wellness Policy - so I had to replace D - Donuts for Dance Party & M - M&Ms/Movie to Munchies/Movie (serving popcorn, instead of candy).

One other thing I modified was Z - instead of Zip Up & Zoom home I did Z - fiZZy science.  I changed it because:

  1. I've wanted to do a Mentos/Diet Coke bomb for awhile now!!
  2. I started my countdown with 30+ days left, to make sure I had extra days for snow/delays/field trips/field day/assemblies.  This ain't my first rodeo, so I know that the EOY is packed with unexpected events - I don't want to keep the kids from the fun things MY SCHOOL is doing, so I made sure to build enough "extra days" for these things.  That being said, I changed Z because it wouldn't necessarily be our last day together.
  3. My last day is pretty packed with promotion, slideshow, awards, & our EOY ice cream social - I wouldn't have been able to fit in Z in a 1/2 day with all the other things too!
The Z - fiZZy science was a hit & thanks to a 2nd grade friend, I had the right equipment.  So imagine my surprise when I was shopping with my sister & saw this - IN Safeway:

Perfect & only $5!

Yay for 1 more thing in my closet-o-shame!!

Miss Kristan King

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