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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

We Love Books - Tuesday

Another linky about my book collection, I feel like I am revealing my Amazon monthly bill - oh well!  Thanks for challenging me to find the books that are my "go tos" {really, the ones I teach with EVERY year!} Deanna.

The beginning of the year is on my brain now, so I'll post about wordless picture books.  I.LOVE.THEM.!  Beginning of the year Kinders can come in with no alphabet knowledge, phonemic awareness, or print awareness.  I always like to use wordless picture books & teach 3 ways to read a book {1. Read the pictures., 2. Read the words., 3. Retell a familiar story}.   Along with reviewing letters, first sounds, roles of author/illustrator, parts of a book, directionality, & voice print match - I like to model how I "read the pictures."

I always model this with:

I use this text because the book is FUNNY & engaging, it is a simple concept to retell, & the kids get really good at making "mind movies" and interacting with the text - like "good readers do!"

After my modeling, of Tuesday by David Wiesner I give the children a piece of paper & they draw what would happen in a book called Next Tuesday.  They love it!

I have quite a few of David's books, and have done activities with Flotsam too - this story can be kind of hard for the kids to connect to, because they don't understand film/photography that isn't digital.

Do you have a recommendations for wordless picture books?  I'd love to hear your comments about them!

Miss Kristan King

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