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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Scheduling Conferences & Fall Break Reno

So, every year I pre-schedule Parent/Teacher Conferences.  I send home a note on a colored paper - I get quite a few back & most get scheduled within a week.  I always do this a few weeks before conferences, so I can send duplicate forms for those *non returners* {you know the kids - they never have their behavior calendar, they require 4 field trip papers, the e-mail/phone number you have doesn't work...}.

It is such a pain to schedule, because the *LATE* forms always need the times that aren't available!!  I end up calling so many who RETURNED THEIR FORM ON TIME, to try & accommodate the ones that did NOT return their form on time.  I work so hard on making them all fit, and at their preferred time...
AND THEN THE *LATE* form returners NO SHOW!!!  WHAT?

Well, this year a friend/former teammate showed me an amazing  Ever heard of it?  

It's true, it is GENIUS!  I signed up for our class Halloween Party on 10/31 {can we say no more 200 cupcakes but no drinks, or 1,000 napkins but no food} to try it out.  I wish I knew about this site for Parent/Teacher conference scheduling.  I know many of you are having them now, or will be soon - so I'm hoping this post will help you avoid some of my scheduling difficulties {as mentioned above}.  Parents sign up for the date/times you have available & swap amongst need for you to get involved, unless they don't pick a time at all.  Even then though, they'd be referred to the site & be required to do the switching themselves.

On a personal note - 2nd week of Fall Break & my renovation is 2/3 complete...hoping to have new tile in my master bathroom by Sunday!

Out with the old:
BEFORE - linoleum floors in my laundry room {tiles pulling up & missing behind washer/dryer}
 In with the new:
AFTER - laundry room with fresh paint & trim
AFTER - ceramic tiles & some accessories
Miss Kristan King

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