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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

This Is How We Do It ~ The Alphabet

Found this linky so, I'm joining the party at KinderGals

So, I have purchased/received a few classroom alphabets over my 9 years of teaching.  I haven't been too impressed with EVERYTHING about them.

For instance, one has a weird "g" or "a" - which the kids don't see that often & don't readily recognize.  Or, the picture for "Ee" /ĕ/ is egg, which we really pronounce more like āgg.  Then, some alphabets come with "core" curriculum kits - but the pictures are, well...UGLY!  The alphabet that I've had over my board was from a Handwriting Without Tears curriculum, which we no longer use (and the pics were in B&W, so it was rarely referenced anyway).  

Well, the saying goes "If you want something done right, do it yourself!"  So that's what I {and my sister did}...actually it's taken us a few days, if I'm being honest.

The next steps are to laminate & embellish {with raffia whiskers/bows, tule bows, & jewels}.  Hopefully the finished product will meet all of my expectations for identification, sound recognition, & well, CUTENESS!

Thanks Glyph Girls for a great product - *we modified Ff, because I teach the flag as an American symbol & I think the ones I have in my room need 50 stars/13 stripes, so kids don't get confused & meet our Social Studies standards :0).*

What I'm working on personally - Hmmm, getting my culture on:

My sis & I at ASU Gammage Theater for the show "Porgy & Bess."
*I may have to take a personal day & buy a plane ticket for Wicked coming in August {I've seen it already, but that show was A.W.E.some!!}*

Miss Kristan King

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