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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Valentine's Day - FUN!

So we had an early Valentine's Day again this year...because 2/13 was a Professional Development day.

On Thursday we managed to conclude our Guided Reading unit on Roses are Pink, Your Feet Really Stink! from Deanna & Deedee's unit.  I can't say enough great things about the skills & comprehension that comes from these units.  Maybe you can't fit in everything, I won't lie - I had trouble this week, but this unit is designed in such a way that you can do a little or a lot & the students still are mastering CCSS!  See:

[Problem:] He wrote mean cards.  [Solution:] He told his friends they were not being nice.
He thought how Gilbert solved the problem was a good choice.
[Problem:] Wrote/Found the not nice cards.  [Solution:] Made new cards.
She liked how Gilbert solved his problem.
[Problem:] He wrote a bad card.  [Solution:] He made new cards.
She thought making the cards mean at first, was not a smart choice.
[Problem:] Gilbert wrote bad words.
[Problem:] Gilbert gave them a bad card.
His problem was he made mean cards for his friends.  [Solution:] By making nice cards.
Not perfect & all are on different levels, but I included lots of different samples to show you that the kids CAN do the work & respond to the text.  I love the independence & writing!

We concluded the "academic" portion of our day with a Valentine Conversation Heart Graph - for math, we graphed our favorite color/flavor:

Finally we ended the day with a Minute To Win It Party - ideas from Pinterest.  The kiddos enjoyed each of the 5 games & the cupcake/juice table was the perfect sweet treat!

Candy Corn Stick-Up
Marshmallow Toss
Candy Pick-Up (with chopsticks)
Candy Heart Relay
Candy Heart Stack
Another of the Candy Corn Stick-Up
"Using those chopsticks is hard, Miss King!"
A few had some background knowledge, so were more successful!
They really liked building those conversation heart towers.
The relay was getting them moving.
Thanks to my 6 great parent volunteers, who managed each table's game/snack.
Honestly, it was *the best* managed party, no chaos & lots of fun was had by all.  I think I'm planning my parties around Minute to Win It themes!!

Happy Valentine's Day,

Miss Kristan King

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