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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Dog & Pony What-What?

Have you ever done the Dog & Pony Show thing?  I can honestly say I have not {well prior to today, at least}...I do not bribe or promise rewards come evaluation time.  I'm a firm believer in transparency, so it's funny how today this all *bit me in rear* as it were!

My Principal was in need of some writing volunteers - teachers who felt comfortable with our ECAW writing program, enough to be observed by a neighboring charter school, within our district.  We were told to submit 2 teachers per team/grade-level.

Well, one of my teammates does a phenomenal job pulling 4 writing groups daily.  She volunteered to do the small group observation....that left 1 opening for the demonstrated/whole group lesson for the observers to see.  I do a good job at that *I think,* so I agreed that from 12:15-12:45pm I'd model for the 8 observers, what demonstrated (whole-group) writing looks like in Kinder.

In Jan. on said observation date, walks in the 8 teachers & their principal...oh and MINE TOO!  She was doing a formal observation, I unknowingly was getting a 2 for 1 deal I guess?!?!  Likewise, I proceeded to "make her jump with glee" over my use of a Marzano 5 pt. scale.

All this to say she wanted a REDO.  A WHAT? WHAT?  Yes, a redo...she wanted me to pretty much do a similar lesson, this time while being filmed!  Yeah, I have ABSOLUTELY no desire to be filmed or watch my footage!  I said "No WAY" but was forced to anyway, reluctantly agreed.

Enter camera today...commence the Dog & Pony Show.  I had to be out this am & came back just in time to prepare my little angels for our filming debut!  Well, I told them what was happening yesterday & that we needed to practice using our "ignore muscles" when it came to the basically act like it was invisible.  I told them "like we did when we had all those visitors in our room" - of course, they remembered - memories of elephants these kids {we'll get to their recall in a bit}!

Today was spaghetti & pepperoni dipsticks day for our 2 lunch choices - lots of red sauce on faces.  So, we hit the bathroom & polished up for the production.  Once everyone was ready, *quick* before filming started I said, "Remember boys & girls, look at me - give me your eyes/attention, don't look at the camera.  She'll be moving around, stay focused right on me...Don't look at the camera!"  They nodded - TRAITORS!

I started, we were rockin' the scales, I was reviewing our how to writing with flourish, I talked about our 2 targets/focus & related them to their importance.  Then, it happened...

Miss King: "Kids, today you're going to write how to do something.  What are you an expert at?"

Kid 1: "I can make a pizza."

Kid 2: "I can take care of my fish."

Miss King: "Excellent! Those are perfect examples of how to writing you can do, to show me the steps for something you're an expert at."

I began to model for the class "How To Make a Lunch Choice."  Once I finished it happened -

Miss King: "Kids, today I want you to focus on 2 things - 1. using transition words (first, next, then, etc.) to explain your steps & 2. making sure your steps are in order.  (Reviewed our PB/J model from yesterday & our cafeteria model from today noting where I used transitions & put the steps in sequence).  Who can tell me what we're going to focus on when you go back to your tables to write?"

Kid 3: "Our focus today is DON'T LOOK AT THE CAMERA!"

WHAT?!?!  The camera woman chuckles & mouths to me {don't worry, I'll edit it out!}

So I keep going.

Miss King: "Right. But what are you needing to remember while writing at your table?"

Kid 4: "To use words like Next & Last."

Miss King: "Yes!  And our other focus?"



Miss King: "No, when you're writing, by yourself, at the table?  Remember we're using transition words like First, Second... AND, what's our other focus?"

Kid 6: "To put our steps in order."

Miss King: "Yes.  Focus 1 is to use words like first, next, then, etc.  & our other focus is to remember to put our steps in order.  Okay microphone answer - what 2 things will we focus on while we're writing?"


O.M.Gee!! I'm fired!

Miss King: "Kids, I want you to look at me...yes, but when you're writing I want you to think of what 2 things to remember when you are writing how to papers?"

WHOLE CLASS: "Transition words & putting the steps in order!" 

Miss King: "Great.  Head to your seat & get started.  I will be coming around to ask you what you're an expert ready!"

And this folks is why you don't do a Dog & Pony Show in Kindergarten!

Lesson learned,

Miss Kristan King :)


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  1. That is just what they do best. I always wanted to buy shirts for Josie and Carson that said, "Does not perform on command"!;)