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Tuesday, January 20, 2015


So over Christmas Break my Donors Choose Grant got fully funded.  My supplies arrived last week & while in the midst of prepping tubs/toys for tubs...

I got a brilliant beyond BRILLIANT idea - I'll prep the tubs, but the students can do the sorting, making it a first sound, letter id., movement, & sorting activity all in one!

So that's what we're doing in these photos - I labeled the 26 tubs & gave one to each student (I have 25 Kinders) & then modeled my expectations aloud, using the 26th tub.  The students got a random sampling of the toys/tub items & then had to wander - to either find their items (listed inside on a sticker) or find the correct tub AKA "home" for all the toys/items on their table:

Here are a few more, from our small groups - playing the Alphabet Mystery Box game:

After BOTH activities, I pulled the kiddos into small groups to write thank you notes.  So, using the photos above & our writing time to make some thank you notes, I've met the requirements for my 1st fully funded grant.

I swear, it's been such a great organization to work with!  It's been quite simple to connect to donors & even teach the children about how to thank those who are so generous to provide items that will help them meet CCSS!

Thank you, THANK you, THANK YOU to Donors Choose & all those who contributed to our grant - to get it funded & provide some fun sound/letter id. activities to my Kinders (this year & for years to come)!

Miss Kristan King

P.S. So simple I've started Project #2 & have it 1/2 way funded!  I think parents/donors like giving & seeing their money go towards activities/projects that students LOVE & benefit from.

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