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Friday, November 21, 2014

Turkey Time Five for Friday {11/21/14}

So let's talk turkey!  We started the day with a break"feast" - kinda a sad day for my buddy teamie & I, when we realized this may be our last K/5 Buddy Break"Feast" {I'm hoping to relocate & she's retiring!}.

On to the greatness that was our feast:

The kiddos all had a blast, a mom said "Note, the bacon/sausage was a hit.  Next year nix the oatmeal!"  LOL - these kids crack me up, such mini people - I mean, who eats oatmeal when bacon/sausage is available?!?!

The best addition to the feast this year was the cereal bar...the kiddos can throw down some Fruit Loops!!  And...we had homemade, crockpot hot cocoa - that was a HIT {times 400}!

I love our custodial staff - they allowed us to utilize the cafeteria & the parent volunteers made set-up & clean-up a BREEZE!

This sticker/badge was earned by Ms. Greenfield, my buddy teaching partner.  We have so much fun, I'm really gonna miss her & especially the "therapy chair!"

My second badge was earned just before lunch {@ lunch recess} I shook my tail feathers & Turkey Trotted with my Kinders for part of their recess.  The kids LOVED it & our Mr. D our nurse para wore a turkey suit...gotta love when adults show up for our kiddos {and make fools of themselves in the name of FUN!  Honestly, I connect with them because I get caught getting my crazy on all the time - good to know I'm not alone}.


On Thursday we reenacted the Mayflower's help the students connect to the space & restrictions we use cones to mark off the cargo hold.

Then, we explain sea sickness, chamber pots, & the joys of life below deck!

Here they are eating their "stale bread" & "salted pork" - they were so disappointed to learn that was breakfast, lunch, & dinner!

Here, they realized "NO BATHROOMS!"

Here they learned how to pitch the chamber relieve the stench that was below deck:

Boy they were happy for "Land HO!" & America.

Today we completed our writing about the 1st Thanksgiving.  We also made our "K" page in our interactive alphabet notebook.  But my kids were most excited for:

This book - SO FUNNY!

Really though, it was about this diddy!

 Last but not least, I have a test tomorrow - for getting my license transferred!  Talk about test anxiety...say a little prayer for me tomorrow @ 10:30am.  Here's to hoping I'm competent enough {or pass the test, which validates my ability} to teach Kinder.

Happy Friday,

Miss Kristan King


  1. I love, love, love your Mayflower reenactment! What a great way to show the kids what life was like on the voyage to America. Good luck on your test!

    1. Thanks for stopping by & leaving a comment! Yeah, the reenactment helps them connect to "sea life."

      Thanks for the well wishes on my test - I PASSED! Talk about test it's on to Turkey Day. Have a blessed Thanksgiving Lydia!