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Thursday, December 4, 2014


Yes, it was hard.  But, we can do hard things has kind of been a teammate's motto for her class & I like it.

I like a challenge.

So we dug in on today & drew our first people.  We talked about all sorts of shapes, bones, & measurements - that make up a well proportioned human drawing (ex. square for pelvis, oval/egg for skull).

Wendy {the creator of Project 64} has facilitated 2 trainings in my school & she says, "People are hard.  The hardest to draw!"  She also says, "The more you do it, the better you get."

So we did it & I have to say I AM IMPRESSED!  Here's mine (#dontjudge):

Not sure if it's just my class, but they are *IN LOVE* with speech bubbles.  So, this week week our basketball player asked a little girl, "Let's play basketball?"  Her response, "YES!"  They were also excited for question & exclamation marks. 
Now for my Kindergarten friends' drawings:

I mean, *PRESH*!  Aren't these just the best things going?!?!?!

So excited for how their fine motor has improved & their attention to detail...ooh, and their ability to track from the document camera.  They still love getting new crayons, not quite done passing out all 64, but we're over 1/2 way there.

Not to mention they are becoming such great storytellers!  We discussed this as pg. 1 & then they said the problem would be where to tie the little girl's balloon.  Then they said that they thought the girl would win the game - HA - that would be a great story, for sure!

Keep drawing & writing,

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