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Friday, November 14, 2014

5 for Friday - 11/15

This week we did the theme of food in Kindergarten, perfect timing to introduce vocabulary like feast, delicious, combine, etc.  Along with this theme we teach The Little Red Hen & then {of course} we make wheat bread:

 To align with our food theme, we learned all about cranberries.  This was a unit gifted to me from a teacher friend - it's from "the 80s" but has 5-7 different stations.  We taste cranberry products, sink/float cranberries, balance cranberries and blocks, shake and listen to cranberries, & then we bounce them:

Tuesday seems like a lifetime ago - because of 2 late starts & 3 mornings of 10 degree weather {or less}!   We had an amazing assembly to honor veterans - many have the day off, but I like that we have school & create a special assembly to recognize those who serve, have served, or will serve in the military:

I introduced the "Retell Center" {aka: Felt board} and my students were SO.EXCITED. to retell The Little Red Hen *proud teacher moment*!!!!  I love these super inexpensive sets from Lakeshore:

Look who got to go home on 11/12:

Mom & baby are doing great!  I'm counting down the days 'til Thanksgiving...when I can snuggle with this cutie day & night.

Happy FriYay,

Miss Kristan King

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