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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Do You Buddy?

If not, you should.  I find it very engaging & rewarding.  So, this is my 3rd year in Kinder & my 4th having "5th Grade Buddies."  My kiddos LOVE them - in 1st/5th & in K/5th.  I also did "buddies" when I was a 5th grade teacher & my 5th graders loved working with the Kinders!

We have some traditions & it's fun to see the older kids mentoring the younger ones - our buddy classes (Ms. Kyla Greenfield's 5th grade) usually meet every 2 months or so.  The kids love it so much that we've decided to step it up this year...we are attempting to plan monthly or even bi-monthly events.

We've met & made the initial partnering up - thanks to Kyla for finding some help from Sarah at Teaching Star Students, we've found some ways to incorporate both K & 5th CCSS during our interactions.  In late August my Kinders worked on describing themselves while the 5th graders interviewed the Kindergarteners, & are writing a story based on their interview findings.  Once the writing is complete, the Kinder art will decorate the story!  The 5th graders LOVED helping the Kinders with making hair & adding details to their head.

Look at these cuties, hard at work:

In a few weeks we'll meet for Pumpkin Measuring Centers & Owl Pellet dissections - pretty exciting stuff.

Our tradition for November is a Buddy Break"feast" and in December - Gingerbread House building!

One more way to combine CCSS, leadership skills, & relationship building within our entire school community,

Miss Kristan King

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