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Friday, September 5, 2014

Apples Run-a-muck

So we did some amazing work this week - letter focus T & theme...APPLES!

The kids love this theme, mostly because we cook in class - who doesn't love a mid-day, class made apple snack?!  Thanks to Apple Farmer Annie, we sequenced the apple's life cycle & story - then we sequenced the apple's journey from the orchard to the grocery cart.

We made muffins on Thursday:

And applesauce on Friday:

Did you know I have a 2nd career lined up?...Chef!  Yeah, I love my littles - they loved the treats so much they told me I "should be a chef," over and over - ha!  Well, I think I'll stick to teaching - I practically had to cook those muffins myself...I was praying for that dang oven to work & thank goodness for answered prayers, because I could not handle 22 crying Kinders!

In writing we wrote all about Johnny Appleseed's pioneering contributions.  Check out these cuties posing in my mom's yard sale find...a la Johnny Appleseed:

I'm still sad over the departure of summer, but here we go - it's on to fall!  This was truly a great week & I can't believe I managed it all in a 4 day week

Kristan King

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