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Friday, September 12, 2014

Pocket Chart & Graph the Room

So, I had so much fun introducing some great centers this week - pocket chart & ____ "the room."  I left the ______ open because I plan to use it for writing, graphing, & reading.

I found a super fun pocket chart I made my 2nd year of teaching, rhyming poems about kinds of trees/leaves. The kiddos enjoyed matching the riddle & pictures.  Along with a rhyming match game, the pocket chart center became "open" and the children loved practicing with it.

It went so well, I described that Graph the Room center was like "I Spy" & the kids were so excited to give it a shot!  I randomly placed leaves around the room, of different colors, and the kiddos used clipboards & crayons to create an autumn leaf graph (the leaves were from The Dollar Tree).  They thought it was so great:

I can't wait to see how excited they get to write the room, finding letters OR read the room, finding farm animals.  I also have an exciting rhyming lesson, so maybe they'll rhyme the room in a few weeks too!

We learned all about fall, seasons, & a tree's life cycle - then we went on a leaf hunt.  The children had to find a leaf, fill in it's color & size, then measure it - using unifix cubes, paperclips, & crayons.

Lots of fun things & all kinds of new learning going on...the kiddos are gaining so much independence & it's exciting to see their progress in 6 weeks - man it's flown by!

Miss Kristan King

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