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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Back to School Confetti

So, tonight was Meet the Teacher Night at my school.  I LOVE the anticipation of it all - meeting the shy kiddos, shaking hands with nervous parents, answering questions about arrival/dismissal and snack, & just knowing that each year is chalk-full of possibilities - for both relationships & learning.

We started our staff meetings by diving deeper into Capturing Kids' Hearts & the Marzano Evaluation System - can't say enough about the wonderful staff & presenters we learned from.  It has been great to hear from so many colleagues & learn so many useful techniques to improve our educational craft!

Well, along with the Kindergarten Handbook & modifying a slide show for our Kindergarten team (and of course all the transportation letter, student info, volunteer request sheet, & the ENDLESS B2S paperwork), I sent the Kinders home with this:

It has the C.U.T.E.S.T. poem about how everything's ready & you might have the "jitters" - the confetti is under your pillow to remind you to have sweet dreams about your first night of Kindergarten!  My teammate found it & I just LOVE it, it's the best B2S present ever & so simple to make - just present crinkle filler & confetti.  I used snack ziploc bags, but another teammate cut the crinkle filler & just used miniature zip baggies & a brad fastener to the actual poem.  The parents & kids loved it.

And can I just say now, "I have the best class EVER!"  Bring on a great year of fun & learning 2014-15!

Miss Kristan King

P.S. A very close 2nd place to meeting new Kinders & their families - HAS TO BE that I get to hug & love on all my former students.  I love that they sneak in & hug me from behind, like they haven't seen me in's so great to be a teacher, right?!?!

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