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Friday, May 16, 2014


So, I love iMovie & iDVD for making slide shows - I'm becoming an "Apple person."  My sister used Movie Maker, soooooooooo not as easy as iMovie, just sayin'.

Well, I have to admit I was pretty intentional - all year long taking pictures.  Last year a parent was really critical of my slideshow (she counted, COUNTED), noticing that her child was in less photos than the other kids in the class.  I saw her keeping a tally - I was upset.  Then, I got over it & thought "Do better next year!"  So.I.Did!  I made sure to take BOY photos, MOY photos, to photograph every table, & get more of ALL content areas in there (I had lots of "theme" things, but not much math).

I also learned an invaluable lesson last year - MAKE EVERYONE A DVD!  Ha!  Parents were like "How can I get a copy?"  "Can you e-mail it?"

    - I thought Ugh, do you know the size of a video file?

So.I.Did.  I made every child a copy of the DVD, bought brown CD sleeves, & used my sticker maker/raffia/labels to give it that personal touch:

Ta da!

Here's to hoping lessons learned this year: no tally keeper,  no complaints about not getting a copy, & EOY gift is a success!

By the way, watched my DVD like 100 million times - I love it so!  I tear up EVERY time at this particular song - heard it at closing ceremonies of the 2014 Winter Games:

Happy Slideshow making Teacher Peeps,

Miss Kristan King

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