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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Parent Speakers

So do you encourage parents to speak in your room?

I do & found that parents are pretty receptive to this.  I've had Hanukkah speakers & all sorts of "career" speakers too.

Well, this year a mom told me she works with bees.  I was like, "You have hives?"  She went on to explain that she works with a company that keeps bees.  I was really excited & asked her to come in the spring, when we do our insect unit.  She willingly agreed.

The kiddos love it!  She brought the equipment (suit, hat, gloves, & smoker).  She even brought hive samples, wax, & honey sticks.  The Kinders really enjoyed the honey sticks.

A couple days later, I scheduled a dad to do a police/detective chat with my kiddos.  It too was a blast!  We learned about the equipment (they could identify a taser...which was shocking & if I'm being honest, quite sad), fingerprinted a glass, & dusted the glass/pulled prints.

Not surprising, all of my kids wrote about their future careers - 2/3 wanted to be police officers/cops!

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