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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Summer's HERE!

So, it's official - SUMMER is HERE!!  My last day was today.  I boxed up my room & managed to get home & cook dinner.

I know so many are posting about their final weeks & I can't was tough, but SO REWARDING!  Field Day was on 5/19 & then we had to finish our ABC Countdown to Summer.  Which, I must say was time consuming but SO worth it - my Kinders were so excited for every dress up & activity day.  Here are a few:

T is for Teddy Bear Tea
O is for Outside learning.  It was fun doing phonics & planting seeds outside.

U is for Under the table reading

W is for Watermelon day

How do you not spit the seeds on W = Watermelon day?
I will definitely be doing this in years to come!  The kids REALLY enjoyed our Z - fiZZy science, where we did a Mentos & Diet Coke bomb.

Happy Summer,

Miss Kristan King

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