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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

10 Things I Want to Do This Summer

So this year has been crazy - and I have every intention of relaxing by:

1.  Catching up on TV - I didn't really watch 1 episode of Glee!  So I have to get updated, so glad my sis has Netflix.

2.  Did I mention my sister?  Yeah, headed out to spend some time with this cutie:

Watching her dance recital!

3.  So my nephew's all about baseball - so I'm SURE we'll be spending lots of time here:

4.  Reading - love my Kindle & all the books I plan to plow through *thanks Sis*!  BTW, did you see how much an Amazon Prime membership increased to?  I will pay it, but that makes me kinda grouchy - increasing the yearly cost doesn't make free shipping as appealing.

5.  Enjoy the mountain air with family.  It's tradition to spend the 4th of July in Mormon Lake with my family - praying that the AZ fires are out soon.  This marks 3 years where I have inhaled forest fire air, praying for the safety of all those involved!

6.  Swim - I can't wait to relax poolside with an adult beverage, no cares in the world.

7.  Get my bi-monthly pedicure.  I'm behind this season, but when I meet up with my sis I'll get on my pedi schedule real quick!

8.  Road trip!  I set off to AZ to meet up with my parents.  Then I'll be up & down I-17 with my sis/niece/nephew for family events & baseball & to {let's be honest} COOL OFF - Phoenix is hot!  Although I made a deal with myself awhile back, I DO NOT complain about AZ weather - yeah it's hot, but at least there's not snow in MAY!!

9.  Of course I can't not attempt a summer classroom project.  This year I want to make my own classroom alphabet - I know it will make my classroom look FANTASTIC!  Thanks Glyph Girls.

10.  Train my sis {while I draw with Addi} on all things Project 64.  I really hope she is able to *try* it out, her school's anti-"breaking from 'THE CORE'!"  Is your school tough about that?  Mine isn't - we really have the gift of autonomy...which I'm now realizing is quite A GIFT!

I keep singing Olaf's "In Summer" because we did interviews for a new Kinder teammate - our 1st choice cited this song as her answer to "What song best describes you?" - which I must say is such a random question!  I actually like the question because I have this problem:

Anyone else relate?!

Make your list & enjoy every MINUTE of a well deserved summer friends,

Miss Kristan King


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    1. Yup, bout to go get my drink/swim on!! Happy Summer Kimberly Ann