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Friday, November 8, 2013

Healthy Body & Healthy...

We did lots of fun nocturnal/diurnal sorting last week - learning about owls & bats.  This week I had a lag...what to teach during writing?

Well, I have tons of skeleton things & we were reading The Little Red Hen, to discuss characters & I thought how about healthy food/body/bones!  We'd wrap up Halloween, dig deeper into the bones they explored from owl pellets, & we could make bread - TA DA everything all tied up!

So in the afternoons we set out making bone books - for the past 2 weeks we've really worked on unscrambling recognize that sentences need: 1. A capital letter at the beginning. 2. End marks at the end.  3. Spaces between words. & 4. Pictures need labels & details!!

My Kinders are getting it - just look:

Then once all 4 sentences were unscrambled...I pulled out the Q-tips & we decorated a skeleton for the cover of our bone books:

Finally, we discussed healthy eating for our bones & sorted things that were good/bad for our bones!

And since we read The Little Red Hen all week - we made bread!  It turned out GREAT, again.  The children really enjoyed some of the variations to this tale:
Billie Armadilly makes chili, not bread.  It has a fun twist at the end - a great lesson for friendship & forgiveness.
Iguana's throwing a one wants to help.  Will they get an they deserve one?
Out of the Egg, a next generation LRH book!
Who doesn't LOVE pizza!
Hope you had a great 1st week in November - I DID.  {Celebrated my birthday & a SWEET Kinder brought me a honey stick sampling...and 1 for each student!  I love how thoughtful they are, don't you?!?!}

Miss Kristan King

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