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Friday, November 1, 2013

A MIB End of Red Ribbon Week

At first when I saw the agenda for Red Ribbon Week I was like, "Why is Friday MIB day?  That movie has been out for awhile."

Then, I found out about a $17,000 grant we were applying "we" I mean our Enrichment Team & all 700+ students in my school.  I wish I had known, I so would've learned the practice with my Kinders {who were so cute nodding to the beat of Will Smith's Men In Black}.

The grant is from Fuel Up to Play 60's contest, Can You Dance Better Than an NFL Player?  We are hoping to buy fitness equipment & music that will inspire movement for the kiddos K-5 at Ridgeview.  So after a magic assembly we started filming.  I think we can dance, what say you:

These are photos of K-2 filming the dance...cross your fingers that we win!  
A colleague posted a video of 3-5 but it won't play on here!

Have a great weekend,

Miss Kristan King

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