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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

MIA...Halloween, Pumpkin Reports, & Little Red Hen Bread

So I haven't blogged in a bit...

We had a BLAST for Halloween!  We learned all about bats & made these:

The idea came from a 2006 (?) Mailbox magazine.  I made the tracer myself, and every year the 5 x 8 index card has something different.  In 1st it was Beginning, Middle, & End of Stellaluna.  This year, for my Kinders, it was 2 bats can, bats are, or bats have sentences.

Then, we did some fun Halloween rotations with our 5th grade buddies.  Two of the rotations were making Frankenstein glyphs:

And finally, we finished the week learning about spiders & doing some spider experiments...thanks for both (spider & Frankenstein ideas) Deanna Jump!

This was all after returning from a 2 week fall break - where my students completed these take home projects:

Then last week we learned about elections & voting.  We read Duck For President and had a class election, duck vs. pig.  Duck won, but it was a close call...we even had a ballot or 2 go missing (just like the story & it was an HONEST mistake!).  We had the cutest ballot box...thanks to great parent helpers!!

Because election was a mini-theme, we also did the folk tale The Little Red Hen.  I was trolling Pinterest {yeah, like who isn't} and found a recipe for crock pot bread...SERIOUSLY!  My teammate suggested we make wheat bread to accompany the story.  I am always down for some baking with my kiddos, so I thought I'd give it a whirl.  Well, my crock pot was otherwise engaged {simmering a cheese tortellini & spinach soup recipe - which was also pinned from Pinterest...don't judge!} so I decided to bake my bread in my trusty bread turned out wonderful & my room smelled HEAVENLY all day!  {FYI my 2 teammates did the crock pot bread recipe & it WORKED - that is AWESOME!!!}

Hoping your days are as great as mine have been,

Miss King

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