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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Fuel Up to Play 60

We had a great assembly on Tues. - ever heard of Fuel Up to Play 60?

Well we had a visitor from Denver, to represent our orange/blue Broncos:

Miles the Denver Bronco's mascot!
The kids enjoyed the exercising & learned a lot of information about nutrition.  Our Kindergarteners have a crazy schedule on Tu./Th. so we attended the assembly with 3rd-5th grades - they were so sweet for our Kinders & saved the front rows for us!!

The program is sponsored by the National Dairy Council & NFL - you should look into it for your kiddos/school.  {See me?  I'm in orange, in the back!}

Our school is really into our Wellness Policy & the kids are enjoying the activities we've planned so far,

Miss Kristan King

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