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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Pumpkin Patch Parent Center Day

So, I am attempting to do a Quarterly Parent Center Day - 1st up, Pumpkin Patch Center Day.  I asked for volunteers & had 3 show up.

I put my student-teacher & para professional each in a station, that left 2 remaining - so I ran those 2 myself {combining seed initials & seed planing}!  There were 3-4 kiddos at each center, so it was very manageable.  The rotations were:

  1. Estimating - Pumpkin Weight & Circumference
  2. Estimating/Counting - Pumpkin Seeds
  3. Writing - Pumpkin Labeling
  4. Planting - Plant a Pumpkin Seed
  5. Buoyancy & Emotions - Sink/Float a Pumpkin, Draw Pumpkin Faces
  6. Writing - Use Pumpkin Seeds to make Initials
  7. Tasting - Ice & Eat a Frosted/Sprinkled Sugar Cookie

It took us from 8:45-11:20 {with a break from 9:30-10:15, for enrichments & snack/recess}.

The 3 parent volunteers loved it & here are some photos of our FUN:

Estimating Weight/Circumference
Tasting a Cookie
Initial Seed Writing 
Label a Pumpkin
Pumpkin Emotions
Estimating/Counting Pumpkin Seeds
Each kiddo carried a Pumpkin Measuring Book from center to center, recording various things in the book.  Our pumpkin had 285 seeds - it took all 7 rotations to count 'em!

I am so excited - 1. to have 2 weeks to relax {re-tile my master bathroom} & just BREATHE!  2. My para was offered a contract - Ms. Susan is AMAZING & I get to KEEP HER {we *HEART* Ms. Susan}!

Glad my district has Parent-Teacher Conferences completed before break...TGIFB {as a 4th grade pal said, "Thank Goodness It's Fall Break"},

Miss Kristan King

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