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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

I Mustache You...

how do you celebrate Red Ribbon Week?

We always have Spirit Week!  Mon. was PJ after a 2 week Fall Break, I returned to school in my pajamas yesterday - HOLLA!

Today was Mustache Day - it was quite fun to see everyone in their 'stache finery!

I look forward to Wear Red on Wed., Costumes on Th., & Men in Black Day on Fri. - we get to wear JEANS ALL WEEK if we dress-up {and you know how I love my jeans!}!!!

Today we also investigated owl pellets - my teammate found this super fun video on YouTube:

 And we worked with our 5th grade Buddies to explore the pellets -

At first the kids were grossed out, but they found the whole experience pretty cool by the time we all finished!

Looking forward to our door decorating contest - hope to win!

Miss Kristan King

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