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Friday, September 6, 2013

Apples & iPad Organizational GENIUS

So we learned all about apples this week = YUM!  My teamies and I have come to the conclusion that if you can't do it in Kindergarten, you won't get to do it.  {We aren't as "tied" to a curriculum or schedule as other grades, and we don't have TCAP Standardized Testing.}  So when it comes to the cooking, baking, tasting...let's just say we DIVE IN:

Apple muffins - which they kept calling "cupcakes!" 
Apple mini muffins & a bit left over for an admin. snack!
Applejacks graphing
More fun with Applejacks
Why are there so many more orange than green?
Applejacks & Apple juice - a kiddo's birthday was today & she told her mom: "My birthday snacks should be apples, because that's what we're learning!"  Gotta LOVE it.
Final one of fun with AJs.
 Now to some organizational GENIUS!  My teammate showed me her iPad "garage" - uh can you say a-MAH-zing!  She is going to buy me one of those circular surge protectors, since iPad chargers take up so much of a straight power strip.

I didn't even need to buy my "garage" - I had one just chillin' in my closet-o-shame!  I swear that place has everything...problem is I'm not sure how long it'll take to FIND it.

See my peanut M&Ms stash - LOL!
Hope you had a great week - we're starting fall/leaves next week.  I can't believe we are already learning about autumn {my favorite day, Scarecrow Day, is just around the corner}!

Miss Kristan King

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