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Friday, May 3, 2013

{Tears} & Release 'em!

Today was our Kindergarten musical - "Go Fish!"

All morning long the anticipation was building - after lunch the students could hardly contain themselves.  Thankfully, I was able to finish up Charlotte's Web (we'll have our Cracker Jack movie party on Monday - thanks to Abby's Unit) just before the performance at 1:00pm.

Let me just say, our music teacher is AMAZING!  My kids loved every second of rehearsals & preparation for today's extravaganza - and let me tell you it was an EXTRAVAGANZA!

My teamie {who like me, is addicted to TpT & blog-stalking} found these A-DOR-able masks:

Since there are 5 classes, we each took a mask template & each kid made a mask.  We were sharks - they were so STINKIN' cute singing about "We're sharks, Leaving our Marks!"

The tears occurred because a parent requested for me to see if her husband {who is deployed in Afghanistan} could gain access to our WiFi.  Her husband was wanting to watch the musical via Skype/FaceTime.  I got right on that, filled out a ticket, & wanted to MAKE IT HAPPEN!  Guess what - it DID!!  I love our IT dept. - they usually get the "fix it," "this isn't working" types of calls - this one allowed them to stretch the limits of our technology & truly use technology to bring a father/son together!  I was in tears & so were my teamies, guys it was so MOVING to watch 1st hand.  This is an amazing family, which I've blogged about before - not surprising I get to blog again about them today & say that I am BLESSED to teach such WONDERFUL students.  I LOVE my job & moments like this make everything worth it!

After the pictures, a jelly/Swedish fish snack, & commotion - parents were signing out kids in droves!  I had only 12 kiddos left for the afternoon.  We went to our Library afternoon enrichment {Miss King enjoyed R&R with a Sonic strawberry/limeade slush - thanks to the wonderful Mrs. Lewis in 5th grade, who surprised me with this special treat, thanking me for always "loaning" her the supplies she needs (labels, tissue paper, pipe cleaners, hot name it, it's in my closet-o-shame!).  Honestly this "treat" couldn't have arrived on a better day!}.

Then it was recess & we had outdoor class - to release our butterflies.

This one was really friendly - he didn't want to "fly away" -

We enjoyed our afternoon outside drawing our butterflies in flight - while I read Waiting for Wings by: Lois Ehlert.

It was a great post-musical afternoon!  It's getting to that time of year when I am getting nostalgic/emotional about letting them go - does anyone else do this?  Don't get me wrong...we all could use summer vacation & our days can be crazy, chaotic, & occasionally AWFUL - but we're a family & I have bonded with them, it is exciting to see how much they've grown.  It's also kinda hard to let 'em go - well, I still have 3 weeks to enjoy them until I promote my Kinders to Firsties!

Where has the time gone?

Miss Kristan King :0)

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