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Friday, May 3, 2013

May Currently

It's time to link up with Farley again, here goes:

Okay, 2 posts same day = RULE BREAKER.  Here's my slap on the wrist, but honestly - if I save it for another day I know it won't happen!

Listening to "New York, New York" to get the lyrics & chorus down for our "First Grade, First Grade" promotion song - I'm teaching all our Kinders it, so they can sing it for their parents on 5/24.

See my blog post {earlier today for details about my Loving & Thinking}.

Wanting needs no further explanation, except to say for family time I'm so excited to talk to my brother. My 5 yr. old nephew got into Full Day Kinder & he really needed that to happen!!  One of the *many* perks of being a teacher is helping our relatives/own kiddos go to BEST-FIT classrooms & whole day Kindergarten is just that for Noah.  I pulled a few strings (some parts of my district still have a whole day lottery, with 1/2 day options) & he got his acceptance letter - YAY.

Needing to visit Party City for my End-of-Year Candy Awards - via Reagan Tunstall, they were LOVED last year & can't wait to see the kids dig in this year!

My Summer Bucket List is pretty simple - no special trips/vacations planned.  I always hang with my sis in AZ for a few weeks, my brother-in-law says it's like he married 3 women (when my mom, sister, & I hang around one another, LOL)!!  We'll be working on our centers - cutting, laminating, & organizing our 2013-14 year around themes that focus on CCSS in literacy & math {she teaches 1st & I teach K}!

Happy May - at least the snow melted in CO, from 5/1's snow storm!  It wasn't exactly a Happy May Day because we only got a 2hr. delay on 5/2 though.  Oh well it is MAY after all - can spring come to CO now?

Miss Kristan King :0)

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