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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Warms My Heart

Do you feel blessed?

Almost every day I feel blessed to do a job I love - TEACHING!  We all know that paperwork, testing, and "other duties as assigned" can make our job tedious, but I don't dwell on those aspects.  For the most part - the teaching my students part - I LOVE IT!

Occasionally, I feel truly special - that the connection I've made with a kiddo isn't just something I feel. That it's something that we SHARE.  It's gonna sound like "favorites" but I don't make this connection with every kid, there are kids that stick with me.

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE all my littles - I remember every kiddo in my class.  You just can't FORCE the bond, it happens - often unexpectedly.

So I came back to a gift & this note:

The love & thought behind this gift melts my heart.  I love this little guy & just feel a bond with him, this note confirms that the feeling is mutual!  I love his family too - amazing people, raising amazing boys!  I can only hope to be the youngest's teacher too!

In case you were's my "Oma scarf" in Husky blue!

I forgot to put it on for morning recess & Liam asked, "Do you not like the scarf?"  Oh my word.  "NO!!" I replied.  "I just didn't put it on right away...let me get it."  Haven't taken it off since!

Hope your days are as full as my heart!

Miss Kristan King :0)

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