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Sunday, May 26, 2013

A Promotion Gift

Who knew a little slideshow would take over the world?

So, at our ice cream party a parent asked if I could e-mail the slide show to him.  "Uh, sorry - I can't it's too big of a file!" I responded.  I then said, "But, I could make a CD for you."

To which 5 others overheard & thus my Memorial Day project was begun!  They're picking them up on my Tues. workday.

So using iDVD, being trained at 10:30pm {over the phone, by a 2nd grade teacher at my school} I learned how to convert an iMovie into an iDVD - with a menu and everything!

Here are the supplies I used {per Jennifer's recommendation}:

I used plain labels on the DVDs & circle labels on the sleeve covers, next year I might buy the CD labels, they only had a 16 pack, so I use what I had.

Cardboard sleeves

Use DVD-R, they play in every machine!

And here's the finished product:

Happy Slideshow/DVD making {parents are loving it, so WORTH it},

Miss Kristan King

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