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Friday, June 14, 2013

A Fire - Pre-Evacuation

So, there are so many devastating things happening around our nation.

Once again, fires are raging (last year West of I-25 in Colorado Springs) - this time within 2 miles of my parent's home in Falcon, a small town just east of Colorado Springs, 2 miles from the Black Forest tree line - the home I lived in for 11 years {ever since I moved to CO in 2000}.  First Baptist Church Black Forest is my 2nd home, attended this church for 13+ years.

I am house sitting for them & was watching the news as a fire jumped in the Black Forest from house to house...literally evacuees had 1 hour MAX notice.  The cars are packed, friends on stand-by to help, & I can leave in 15-20 min. should an evacuation be called for my parent's neighborhood.  I took the reverse 911 call - I have NEVER had a scarier moment in my entire life...I know what a panic attack is, literally I had to talk myself "off the ledge."  What to bring?   Who to call?  - my mind went blank & then I just calmed myself down with a prayer & got busy!

389 homes gone.  13,000-15,000 acres burned.  2 deaths - their garage was open, car doors open, & fire swept up the driveway & blocked them in Tues. 6/11 around 5:00.  I personally know 4 families who've lost homes (homes I've eaten in, attended parties in, & hung-out with friends in).  My mom's boss lost his Vet Clinic.  It is worse than the Waldo Canyon Fire of 2012 - now surpassing as the largest fire in CO history!  As of 1:30pm on 6/14 only 5% contained.

A local food bank Care & Share is accepting donations...don't live close?  Here's what you can do to help evacuees, firefighters, & other first responders: Text "Donate" to 41010 - a $10 charge will be applied to your phone bill.

Need a shirt...of course - because proceeds go to help victims/evacuees of Black Forest fire!  Follow the link above & support Coloradans who are now in a 2nd summer of DEVASTATING fires.

I am a Christian - I know God is in control {Joshua 1:9}!  Prayers are needed for CO - pray for no wind, pray for rain, pray for fire lines to hold, pray for safety of CSPD/CSFD/National Guard/Army & Air Force soldiers & other first responders who are keeping the area secure of looters, free from further structure loss, & dropping water/slurry via helicopters & aircraft in the sky.  For the past 3 days they have been flying overhead, filling up at ponds & pools at the local golf course & rec. center in the neighborhood.

6/11 from my parent's backyard.

6/12 backyard.

Helicopter making a water drop 6/12

6/13 helicopter

6/13 helicopter
Sheriff Terry asking ALL to "Wash their cars & park it outside" - send Your rain oh Lord!

Miss Kristan King

P.S. One story shared last night, via KKTV News & Sheriff Terry - Security Firefighters surrounded Wolford Elementary School in Black Forest - all surrounding structures lost but firefighters put their backs to the building, dug fire lines with shovels, & weren't gonna let the kids in Black Forest lose their school - they said, "Just doing our job."  I am in tears typing this story & it's almost 24 hrs. old!  Talk about HEROES - God Bless Them & keep them safe!  Makes me want to hug every fireman I see - I probably will for awhile, LOL!!

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