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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Ant Farm Revamped!

So, a few years ago while shopping on {my favorite online place to shop} I stumbled upon a "Space Age Ant Farm."

I was pretty I bought it.  It was only $20 & free shipping (Amazon Prime).  Well, I never got the card-thingy that tells you how to get the ants shipped - this was 3 schools ago & well it just slipped my mind after all the moves throughout my career.

Well, my teamie saw this ant farm in my closet-o-shame (AKA: storage room with shelving) in January when we had a PD day & I was attempting to turn said closet-o-shame into a storage room AGAIN {yes, I walk into it and feel like I belong on an episode of "Hoarders"}.  She was like, "What is that?"

I responded, "An unused ant farm."

She said, "Umm, it has gel - NOT does it work?"

So I proceeded to:
  1. Dig for the box
  2. Find the directions
  3. Locate AntWorks in on my Mac
She was just as amazed as me (circa 6 years ago) & she ordered them for my teamies...then, she even called AntWorks & figured out how to reorder gel & ants for me!!


So today, while 3-5th graders were taking TCAP you could hear the squeals of our 6 Kinder classrooms - 1 guess about what got delivered TODAY!

I pretty much had to spend the afternoon taming the wild entomologists...they were STOKED!

It is cool - here's a pic:
Day 1
I'll post more pics soon...they're starting to tunnel!  Tomorrow we're reading Ant Cities...I hope I can contain their excitement...well throughout the testing windows anyway.

Miss Kristan King

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