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Sunday, March 3, 2013

March Currently

So excited, it's the 3rd & my currently is ready - link up with Farley!  Here goes:

Listening to the Harlem Shake videos...trying to figure out how to pump up our 5th grade buddies with a Harlem Shake FLASH MOB from my Kinders - what do you think?!?!

Loving that I stayed in this weekend to house is sparkling & clutter free!

Thinking I have a lot of content/themes to cover before the end of 3rd quarter/Spring Break sets in...whew!  How does Feb. fly by...our year is 1/6 over!?!?

Part of the reason my Loving is so good is because I was Wanting a clean house for my Bachelor Party tomorrow...1st ever, 8 people are coming over to my house to watch "The Women Tell All" & I am S.T.O.K.E.D.!!  I get to gossip with my Bachelor-watching pals & I am so excited for the appearance of the Tiara-ist {can't lie, I hope she SHOWS}.

Needing to get my dinner made & cleaned up.  Then tomorrow a trip to the liquor store & some ice...gotta have adult drinks for my Bachelor-watching peeps!

Okay, K is tough!  I like kindness, melts my heart when kids do such compassionate things {my FAVORITE quote: "Kindness Matters"}, my love is for Kindergarten (the kids & my team have made this year AMAZING!), & I HATE the annoying sound kazoos make, it can't count as an instrument (the only thing worse were those horns they blasted throughout the World Cup, UGH!).

May the luck 'o' the Irish be with ya,

Miss Kristan King


  1. Have fun with your party! Getting together with friends is the best!

    You gotta love a clean house!! I spent about 2 hours cleaning mine this afternonn and it made all the difference!


    1. It was a BLAST! We're planning something for 3/11's FINALE too...but 3hrs. GEESH, {that's a lot of TV for one night!}.

      Thanks for commenting!

  2. First let me say welcome to the blogging world! I am happy to say that I'm your newest follower. Do feel free to stop by my "place" any time.

    Your bachelor party sounds like great fun... do tell us how it went!
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    1. The Bachelor Party was a B.L.A.S.T. - we're planning Part 2 for the Finale.

      Thanks for following, I will come check out your blog too!

  3. Harlem Shake with 5th graders tell me how it goes.
    And who doesn't like "kindness?"
    -Lovely Nina

    1. Well, the Harlem Shake idea came from my mom...I didn't think they were appropriate.

      I think she confused Harlem Shake with Flash Mob!! We did the Flash Mob, my AP video'd it. I will post it - the kids LOVED it, so all is well (and it was appropriate, I ASSURE you!).

  4. Love your blog name! It made me click on it in the Currently linky! Love your blog and happy to be a new follower!

    Clearly Kindergarten

    1. Thanks Sarah!

      I will come check out Clearly Kindergarten...thanks for following.

  5. I am having a finale party for some of my girlfriends on Monday! Can't wait...I've heard who the winner is :-X

    Check out my blog over at


    1. Yeah, great minds think alike...
      we planned our Finale Party for 3/11 too.

      Oooh, I wanna know the dish! We were all fascinated with "the letter" & guessing who it's from/if it effects his decision?!?!?!?!

      I will come check out your blog, we Bachelor-fans have to stick together, LOL!

  6. Okay, so I really feel like I'm missing something with this whole "Harlem Shake" thing... I keep seeing the posts of videos (remakes, I'm assuming?) everywhere. For some strange reason, though, I really hate watching videos online, so I am still out of the loop!I changed blog readers, and forgot to put yours back in there, I've missed out on a lot!