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Friday, February 22, 2013

February Currently...almost late!

Umm, so dropped the ball on this!

I love reading these and it's fun getting followers & comments, so I resolved to participate in linkys more...but I keep forgetting to participate, simply an oversight this month that it's so late but NO EXCUSES.

Here is my Feb. Currently, thanks Farley!

Listening/Loving me some Adam Levine...really, I am diggin' him, for-evvs!!  And who doesn't LOVE a snow day...getting paid to play hookie is so GREAT.

Thinking: Pray that my iPod turns up, at this point I don't even care if it was stolen, just that it gets returned.  I will be so disappointed if it was a theft, but I just love that little Nano so!!

Wanting/Needing: My Monday/funday to be just that...hoping my dentist appt. goes fast & I can work in a haircut & pedi!

Pet Peeves: #1 - I can't stand when the border/bulletin boards are crooked!  I have rehung mine when such issues arise!  I had to move my room my 1st year teaching, after 2 weeks of school {I was overwhelmed to say the least} but my principal gave me a sub & the staff really helped!  One person, greatest P.E. teacher EVER, wanted to hang my alphabet...he did it and I didn't have the heart to tell him that I re-did it because it was crooked!!  I still feel bad...but it HAD to be done!

#2 - messy hair is unacceptable.  I hate that kids come with unbrushed makes me want to buy combs, hair ties, and ribbons in all colors - is your hair done?  So should your CHILD's!!

#3 - gossip is so destructive.  I attempt to avoid it, I mean we all love it right?!?!  Juicy secrets are so alluring, but in the end they cause so much DAMAGE to friendships & relationships.  So. Not. Worth. It!!

TGIF people!


  1. Aww I hope you find your ipod :( So jealous you got a snow day! We rarely get one in GA.

    1. Thanks, I hope it turns up too.
      Yeah, I don't think too many snow days are built into the GA school calendar, I guess it's a perk of living in CO. We get TONS of snow from Feb.-Mar., usually!