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Thursday, February 21, 2013

A Little COMMITTEEment

Do you get nominated for stuff?

I do!

My district is divided into 3 Zones - basically 1 high school, 1 jr. high, & 3 elementary schools that feed to those jr./high schools form a zone.  The Zones function as mini-units, we can make more happen as a  group of 5 instead of 15.

My school's Zone is submitting a waiver to the Colorado Department of Education, on 4 items we want to change/modify local board & State Board policy on.

One of those 4 items is evaluation.  We are attempting to adopt Marzano's Teacher/Admin. Evaluation tool.  Ever heard of it?  {If so, what are your thoughts on it? Do you have/like iObservation?}

Well, I attended a meeting where we were introduced to the tool, last year.  It looked pretty cool & I was positive about the process of adopting a new tool for teacher observation.  Then we kept hearing about the tool all first semester long.  In Dec. my boss' boss (our Zone Leader) asked for committee volunteers from each of the 5 schools in our zone.  He requested that we be in different grade levels, departments, specialty areas, etc.

I didn't volunteer!

In Jan. my principal sent me an e-mail, asking me to represent my school.  "Okay" I said.  Then I found out it was 2 months of Tuesdays I'd be out, having to make sub plans for each of those Tuesdays.  The committee was starting to lack some of it's appeal, but I said I would so I didn't back out!

Then, last week we finished - BUT now we were needed to help facilitate a PD last Friday. Once again, my principal said, "Kristan will."

So. I. Did!  It went okay, but we didn't finish.

On Wed. morning my principal sends me another e-mail, saying our Zone Leader is having 15 min. meetings with all staff on Friday (today) and needs 1 rep. from our Evaluation Committee to attend.  The 2nd grade teacher nabbed the morning, the Preschool teacher bowed out, so I said "I'll take the afternoon, I guess?!"

Then PTL a snow day on Th. - yeah, pjs & coffee drinking all day!!  BUT, I forgot that I had a sub for Friday {OOPS}.

So I will wake up tomorrow, make my afternoon sub plans, and PRAY for a cancelled meeting OR another snow day.


So I  woke up today, remembered that I needed afternoon sub plans, and PRAYED for a cancelled meeting OR another snow day.

No. Such. Luck!!

Semi-blessing, a 2hr. delay.

Umm, except that helped the morning person (I got stuck with the afternoon block, no good for me!).  So I spent the hr. before kiddos showed up (one of my EXTRA 2 hrs. from the delay) planning for an afternoon sub.

AND, I missed Mary Poppins - I read the chapter book aloud & promised a movie, popcorn, juice party  upon it's completion.  That was planned for DOUBLE BUMMER for me!!  It is really one of my favorites...I sang "Feed the Birds" when I was at St. Paul's in 2008!!

I don't mind a committee or even being volunteered, but I am beginning to dread my e-mails (especially those from a certain administrator).  J/K T.R. {not really}!

Miss Kristan King

P.S. SOOOO excited for 2013 Book Publishing...our theme: Alphabet Bird Book. I'll blog about it - ever done it?

P.S.S.  SOOOO sad, my iPod has gone missing!  Praying it wasn't a theft, but I'm running out of options :0(.  Really hoping it turns up.

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