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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

SNOW DAY! & A Few Rabbit Trails

Umm, so yesterday we had an elf making extravaganza {follow link to pics from last year} - basically this year it took all day after a 1hr. IEP meeting, 30 min. assembly, & 20 min. Saxon Phonics lesson.

Who's complaining...NOT ME!  It was fun, the idea is a combo of Cara Carrol's Elf Application freebie {I stuck to the 1st page with my Kinders, but my 1st graders last year did BOTH pages via writing groups all week} & Jennifer's Elf Patterns.  We cut, glued, and crafted - all while singing Christmas carols!! *RABBIT TRAIL #1* I had 2 parent volunteers in my room, helping our crafts along & not paying attention to the AMPLIFIED music in my room - via 4 ceiling mounted speakers.  I heard the kids singing the final chorus of "...where Jesus Christ is born."  Um, what?!?!  I teach in a public school, but I don't hide my faith - I'm pretty good this time of year, but I don't remember putting Religious Christmas music on my school iPod...then I remembered my Asst. Principal gave me a Kids Sing Along CD..."Go Tell it on the Mountain" was one of the songs on the disk!  I ran over to my Mac to stop the song & the moms just brushed it off saying, "Well, it's almost over now.  No harm done."  I smiled and said with a chuckle, "Look at all the participation, I guess they got Sunday School today too!"  Thank goodness they were so nice about it, could've been a real problem - guess I would have been covered, since {technically} my AP gave me the CD, right?!?!

Today I woke up excited to do Grinch Glyphs via the Glyph Girls - who I had to contact DIRECTLY to get the units.  *RABBIT TRAIL #2* What's with publishers?  The units are not REPLACING the books - they SUPPLEMENT them, in fact many teachers wouldn't use various titles if they weren't typed about via the teacher blog network {Pete the Cat, to name 1}.  Making said units entices teachers to read & purchase the books, not use the units without them...DUH!!!  Anyway, had to nab up as many of their cute Dr. Seuss units while they're still available!!

*RABBIT TRAIL #3* considering a One Fish, Two Fish OR Horton Hears a Who bulletin board for March's Dr. Seuss Day...too early to be planning this {pretty sure that's a YES!} but I want to keep up my door decorating winning streak!  LOL - consecutive victories would solidify my wall hoarding membership!!  So guess who bought 3 Seuss glyphs instead of 1?

Back to my wake up call - instead of hopping into the shower, I hear my phone & iPad - the GROAN of a 4am wake up call...proclaiming a SNOW DAY!?!?  I have to admit Snow Days are blessings, but I'm a little sad - I had fun crafty plans for my Kinders!  So, Grinch Glyphs are a NO GO - so sad because the are so STINKIN' CUTE...they will have to wait for Grinch Day 2013, alas!!

Since I was woken at 4am & couldn't get back to sleep, now I am off to shop for my family's presents...maybe catch a movie & enjoy the leisure of this wintry CO day/afternoon!

Hope you get some pics of Grinch Day 2012 tomorrow - I will really be sad if we don't get to have our Green Grinch Party on 12/20!

Miss Kristan King

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