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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Part Part Whole

So my math interventionist {A.K.A. "my mom" - called so because she reminds me of my mom & they had similar haircuts for awhile} Barb, Mrs. Strotman to the kiddos comes in my room for 15 mins. to co-teach every Thursday.


Today she did a fun math lesson, as always the kids ROCKED it.  It was simple enough, she used 2 small sticky notes, linking cubes, & 3 sectioned plastic plates.  The largest section we called "the whole" and placed the 2 sticky notes (one with 5, the other with 10).  Then the students used cubes to make the various parts, combinations of 5 or 10.

Here are some pics...I have seen a similar lesson using those animal plates {elephants, eagles, pandas, etc., some are great for Whole, Part, Part model subtraction} keep in mind though, the plates are less durable because they're paper...the plastic ones are pretty durable & can be used year after year!

My Kinders are really doing great with the CCSS in Math - after Thanksgiving I'll be doing some fun posts about rekenreks!

Keep Mathing,
Miss King

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