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Friday, November 16, 2012

Feast Your Eyes on This...

The idea for this "Thanksgiving breakFEAST" goes to Kylie Howard...a wonderful friend from my Stetson years, where I taught...{shhhh} 5th grade.

-I know, AGGGHHHH!  Just kidding, it was great for 2 years & I LOVED MY TEAM & my school...I just love primary more {they all think I'm nuts when I said this, now they walk into my Kinder (or last year's 1st grade) room and say, "WOW, you really ARE a primary teacher!!"  As if I lied to them for 2 years..."DUH" I reply, "I TOLD YOU!"}.

Well, Kylie taught K & she asked to be my "buddy class."  That year in 5th was rough, but Kylie and I managed a few fun exchanges between the Kindies and 5th graders.  One tradition, was this Thanksgiving BreakFEAST.  It was quite a spread & parents loved having breakfast instead of the mashed potato, gravy, stuffing, cranberries, turkey, etc.

- Another side note, I have WONDERFUL parents!  They volunteer consistently & ALWAYS provide supplies & necessities for my dress-up days, parties, know what I mean.  There is always something happening in Room 3 & the parents are great about supporting & being able to make memories for the Kindies.  This FEAST was no exception, MY CUP RUNNETH OVER!

Last year for our BreakFEAST, I had Jury Duty (you can read about that here, on my personal blog)!  So, I had to miss the feast & the judge didn't think I needed to be there for this.  THANK GOODNESS FOR Ms. G./Kyla!!  Ms. G ran the whole thing without a hitch (Ms. G and I go way back...she was my teammate from MRES & hired me for my 1st teaching job, in 1st grade - then she became the librarian & now she's at my school, teaching 5th grade because librarians faced the brunt of our district's budget cuts, sad but now I get to work with my buddy again).

When I found out Kyla was coming to my school & was back in the classroom, I knew we'd have to be  "buddy classes" - so we made it happen!  Now we're in our second year as buddy rooms...we planned K/5 rotations on Halloween & now this...

Thanks to Kylie, I had all the info & experience to make our BreakFEAST happen.  Last year I was out, this year Ms. G. was out...maybe we'll be able to actually plan & enjoy it together in 2013 Kyla!!

Basically, we both send out a note asking for juice, waffles, danish, eggs, bacon, etc.  Then we coordinate the lists (because with 50 kids, you WILL get duplicates).  Once the lists are finalized, parents volunteer to set-up, serve, & clean-up our breakFEAST.  Here are some pics:

The kiddos all loved it & the parents were so gracious, they loved serving the kids and that having a BreakFEAST wasn't as much cooking for them - I'm lovin' it too!

Have a GREAT Thanksgiving!

Miss King :0)

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