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Monday, November 19, 2012

What is Fed Ex?

In my district, they started a new tradition - instead of work days they ask us to do Fed Ex.  Basically they are days built into our calendar, where admin. want us to "think outside the box" - they give us time to do this!  The "rules" are that we can't just plan & make copies...those are things we do already; we must use the time to be innovative, creative, explore, get inspiration...basically the sky's the limit!

At first we were like - "WHAT?!?!  I have a billion things to do.  What do you mean I can't WORK on a work day?"  We work on Fed Ex days, just not the regular, traditional "teacher work" stuff.

Then, I started thinking...since we've moved our district from MS to OS platform, we've all become "Apple/Mac" people.  This summer, while making the transition we learned lots of cool things about the company that is Apple & some of the philosophies they have.  One of them was using a % of "work time on the clock" for creativity, hobbies, pursuit of interests, etc.  I think that Fed Ex days were our districts way of allowing teachers to "play" at work & get our creative juices flowing, mirroring the Apple philosophy above.  What a gift...right?!?!  Last year I went to an IB school in a different district...thinking that I wanted to seek employment in another district, with a different team & I LOVED IB - why not return to some of those roots?  Since moving to Kindergarten this year, I no longer feel that how to spend my Fed Ex time:

1. So, I chose to make rekenreks...what's a rekenrek you ask & how do you use it?  Well, follow this link over to Dr. Nicki...she did an amazing training in my district on guided math & her CCSS pins on Pinterest in the area of math will knock your socks off...FOR REALS!!  A photo of my finished rekenreks {Laurie, my AWESOME teamie, went to Home Depot & got peg board cut.  Then we twisted pony beads on pipe cleaners, Wha-la!):

2. And organize my table supplies "situation."  I am not familiar with managing tables vs. desks - oh how Kinder is changing me!!  But I have found some tricks & tips {muffin tin, hot glue, & clear Solo cups}...check out how I'm rockin' my tables now:

I still like individual supplies & feel they are necessary {each student has a box of 24 crayons, scissors, glue stick, pink erasers, pencil, & a thin Expo marker in a Ziploc bag, which is stored in their chair back pocket (AKA: giant, stretchy book cover)}.  These "table" supplies are extra - erasers, Expo markers, scissors, jumbo crayons, pencils, glue sticks, & now white they don't need to wander, when they need it they have it to use!

3. Did you see my wood name tag holders?  The idea came from my sis {where photo below was taken}.  Found the name tags @ Dollar Tree!  Made the holders using a table saw, 2 2x3s, & sand paper.  I LOVE my dad, he made the cuts - I sanded, honestly...the hardest part!

4. Crate seats...who hasn't seen these on blogs & pins everywhere?!?!  These my dad and I will tackle these together too.  My mom suggested I cover them with clear vinyl.  They will be seats/storage for my glue, paint supplies, & listening center books/CDs/tapes.

5. Centers...loving that I get time to create centers from various TpT units I've purchased & even think of ways to use ideas I have learned from so many blogs & websites!

Lovin' my Fed Ex time...all 14 hrs. almost complete, after tomorrow - then I can prep. for Turkey Day & plan my Black Friday adventures!

Miss King :0)

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  1. I want to make crate seats! I have them pinned... Also, I want to plan black Friday!;)