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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

UGH...the Fire Marshall's Comin'

Do you feel my pain?...UGH that darn Fire Marshall!

I am pretty good about not hanging from the ceiling - ALWAYS!  I see the logic in that & plus I am only 5'4" so I don't really want to stand on furninture to hang things all over the room.  I see posts that are great with that & I send you well wishes {and hopes that you don't get BUSTED by the Fire Marshall where you live - we were warned about that being a BIG "No, NO!!"}.

What I get dinged for is packed walls...I'm a wall hog!  I need a 12 step program - know of any?  "Hi, I'm Kristan and I steal wall space."  All over my school mind you - I love to hang my students' work.  It's so dang cute, who doesn't like to walk into a school & see the student work?  And, any school that doesn't display it isn't a place I should be employed {just sayin'}!!!

So, today I spent my planning taking down things & relocating others.  I hope tomorrow's preliminary walk-through is successful, because {quite frankly} nothin' else is comin' down!!  I had to make 50% of the wall (or more) uncovered...that is a T.A.S.K.!  I think I'm good now...

~ Happy Tuesday to you - cross your fingers for my inspection this week. ~
Miss King

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  1. Ugh! I hated that when I worked retail. But I guess safety is worth the price, right?;)