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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

"AArgh" you Enjoying Phonics Instruction & Spring?

I am! 

Thanks to Abby & her wonderful Pirate Mark unit.  Everyone is complementing those "Ar pirates" in the hallway!  BTW - for a literacy tie in, ever heard of Tough Boris by Mem Fox?  It is a great pirate read aloud that activates schema on the loss of a pet.  My kids loved the story & every pirate needs a parrot!

Love the peg leg & hook hand!!

Check out her pink & purple fingernails - HA!

Well & before spring break some triplets kept us busy too - thanks Jodi!

Soon on the docket are:
  1. -or, -oar, & -ore
  2. ou/ow diphthongs
  3. oy/oi diphthongs
I am so excited, our basal does a so-so job with phonics.  I come from Saxon Phonics, it was so structured so Treasures is VERY different.  Last year I stuck "to the core" and now I am supplementing.  None of the programs are better or worse, just different.  All the "fun phonics" activities in TpT have inspired me to beef up the phonics.  MY KIDS ARE LOVING IT - & I can't wait to pin the "owie on the clown!"

And - don't forget math...I love Jen's chicks!  Had to throw in some Easter/Spring fun for math {and Jen includes thinking maps!}.

Our Hatchin' Spring Glyphs

Is Easter Your Favorite Holiday? graph

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