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Thursday, March 22, 2012

To Infinity - and Beyond

I love Buzz...couldn't resist!

We read Kitten's First Full Moon in our basal & learned all about astronauts.  It was fun,  but I was bummed {I ordered astronaut icecream & it still hasn't shown up}!!

BTW...anyone else feel kinda weird teaching space & about "building space stations" knowing that NASA launched the last space shuttle in 2011?!  Maybe it's on my brain because I was there...well on the highway in FL.  I may insult someone, but that is not my intention - it blew my mind away that a shuttle launch could STOP highway traffic!  I mean, pull off - don't just stop on the freeway...everyone there was like, "Oh that's how we do it in the south!"  I just thought, "OKAY?!?!"

I loved Cara's Moon Unit and the centers it contained.  I was soooooo looking forward to making a Moon Log, but our unit fell right before our 2 week spring maybe next year?!?!  But, check out all the cool posts by Abby & Reagan on space - SO stinkin' cute, ladies!

Here are our astronauts & some factual descriptive writing:

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