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Friday, March 16, 2012

What's a Buzzin'?

Okay, so earlier I posted about book publishing...whew, it's over.  Such a rewarding 2 week project, but MAN it is A. L.O.T. of work - no joke!

Well, funny thing happened...
We went outside on Wednesday {I don't know about you, but in CO our weather has been A-MAH-ZING this week!!} to pose for our book's group photo.  That's when things got a little bit rowdy!  There we were getting all lined up {tallest in the back, etc.}.  I just about had the back row where I wanted them when my class goes

I mean screaming, running, yelling... C-AH-RAZY!!!  It was about 20 mins. before dismissal, so we had a few parents lined up for pick up & my kids were running into the street...{deep breath, because just remembering it makes my heart race}!

You never heard a person lose it like I did..."What are you thinking?!" 
"A BEE, A BEE" the kids are all screaming!
"So, you're going to get hit by a car trying to avoid a bee sting?" I'm shouting at this point.

After quite a bit of yelling, I get them all back together & state that acting hysterical isn't going to keep you from getting stung.  Be calm & the bee will leave us alone...thought that was the end of it.  I was wrong!

Pose for pic. again.  It turned out alright, notice the few kids still frantically searching for our winged friend:

I always let the kids do a crazy face pose...they love it & often turn out so cute!  Last year I chose our crazy face pose to go into the book, I liked it so much.  I just love how their personalities show.  If that's the case, what does this photo say about me:

Okay, so I didn't use this photo although almost EVERY kiddo is looking GREAT - why?  Well because I can't have a face like that in our class book - NO!  {but I can laugh at it}!

What actually happend is the bee landed right on my little LP's arm...I was shooing it off & it went soaring into my face.  Then that little stinker landed on her face & proceeded to climb into her nostril.  Bless her heart, LP remained calm & I had to smack that rascal right off her face & out of her nose!!!  She had tears in her eyes (not because of my shooing), but she didn't let 'em fall.  I gave her the biggest hug & if I had a treasure box I would have given her the "best prize" from it.  But alas, I don't & after a few deep breaths all was well in 1st grade {inside} - as for that pesky bee...


  1. You did a great job! And as I say about my kids: they look cute no matter what, but it is important I look good.:) ahhh, vanity!

  2. So sweet...of course, we love them all of the time!

    Heather's Heart