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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Thinking Maps - A Little HELP!

So all over the blog-o-sphere I keep reading about thinking maps.

Then, in my Master's classes - MORE about thinking maps.  I'm out of the loop - WHAT are Thinking Maps & how do I get them?!?!

So I had to google it :0).  Now...I want more!

For those of you using thinking maps {and I know you're out there, I read your posts when I'm blog stalking browsing}...

how did you get trained, is there such a training, where/how do I sign up, is it a whole school/district adoption thing or do you just do it individually?

All I ever heard about was graphic organizers - we had a new reading series adoption, Treasures 2011 last year.  It is PACKED with graphic organizers, which I like using.  But, all these thinking maps {and despite not being "trained"} I use them, and my kiddos are responding to them.

So what's up?  I wanna know more...

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