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Sunday, March 11, 2012


Anyone else out there have a song for just about every situation?  All day long you can find me & my 1st graders thinking, singing, or humming a song.  I love to play their musical Dino-STARS as a reward & with my Disney theme this year we've been playing Disney songs as "quiet/thinking music" during seatwork or workstation time.

My outside-of-school day is no different!  What can I say?  -A girl has to have her tunes!

Who are your favorites for educational songs?

  1. Dr. Jean - my sister {bless her} showed me all things Feldman & I think I own every CD except her newest math & science ones...but not for long!
  2. Ron Brown - visit for more info.  His math songs MAKE my calendar engaging & the kids love them. Here's a video of the "Place Value Rap":

I have an iPod for my classroom...used my budget money last year to get a used green Nano 4th Generation at Entertainmart (only $99).  Now, I have an Audio Enhancement system - ever heard of 'em?  Well, you should look into them - this audio technology has transformed calendar, movie watching, & direct instruction in my classroom! I can use a 3.5 mm AUX Auxiliary Cord Cable (the kind that you use from your iPod headphone input to your car, if you have it, to play your iPod in your vehicle) from my Audio Enhancement system to my iPod & calendar music is played via my 4 ceiling mounted speakers = TEACHER IS IN LOVE!!  All I have to do is wear the mic around my neck & plug in the iPod.

Teacher mic. worn around my neck with a lanyard, iPod, & AUX cord adapter.

Audio Enhancement receiver, sits right on top of my DVD/VCR player.

Student microphone - American Idol anyone?!?!  (The kids LOVE it, BTW!)

In case you're, I do not have a student with hearing disabilities in my room.  Most of the time this audio technology is added to help students with such disabilities; however, the research shows how this simple audio system can transform the hearing/listening capacity for ALL students - so my principal is working on getting them installed in every classroom Pre-K - 5th in my building!

Please post your favorite educational songs & check out this cool website/resource I found while researching this topic for my {just completed} 2nd to last Master's class:

TGI - 1 week & then Spring Break {I get 2 weeks off folks - love my schedule},
Miss King :)

P.S. I'll post pics of our next unit soon...SPACE (via TpT Leap Sale purchases from Cara & Abby!)

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  1. We do sing a lot too! =)

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