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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Grinch Day

Yay for Grinch Day! 

Today, to kick off the holiday season, 1st grade celebrated Grinch Day.  Special thanks to Deanna Jump for her fantastic TpT Grinch mini-unit and to Cara from First Grade Parade for the initial idea to have a Grinch Day.

We started by reading How the Grinch Stole Christmas.  Next, we described the Grinch using the chart poster I drew...not perfect, but pretty acceptable for my free hand attempt!

Then we completed some activities that I copied from the Grinch mini-unit - they kept the kiddos engaged and busy.  Fourth, we did the Grinch grin activity and aren't they cute?!?!...

 This 1st grader would take all the presents.
This 1st grader would steal Christmas. 
Finally, I sent them all home...UGH without their green candy canes!  So, the Grinch left a note on our white board wishing them a Merry "Grinch"mas.  How on earth did I stay up 'til 11:00pm last night making these tags & forget to pass them out?  Oh well, tomorrow's another day and Grinch Day was FABULOUS!

Now my kiddos will get a nice weekend treat, courtesy of the Grinch - Happy Friday!

{UPDATE: They thought Taylor the Elf brought them...all is well in 1st grade!}

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